Company Values

At AFA Designs, we share some common values which are the positive codes that guide us throughout work and life.

Dedication to Honesty and Integrity

At AFA Designs, we strive for 100% client satisfaction by creating mutually beneficial long-term relationships. We believe that a company is only as good as the promises it keeps that were made during the sales process. AFA Designs believes in holding itself accountable to clearly defined key performance indicators established at the outset of every campaign. We are committed to the AFA Designs motto pertaining to serve as The Future of Designs” for Cameroon, Africa and the World. To be a role model for other similar companies, to deliver the best customer experience and to be accountable in all ways.

The Community

AFA Designs strives to be a positive influence in the African community and to be actively involved in various social causes in the area. AFA Designs will actively participate in various community development groups. AFA Designs will continue to work with non-profit organizations as its goal is to at all times have 5-10% of its business be pro-bono and free of charge for causes it supports. AFA Designs will also be donating to orphanages and hospitals to promote this value.

Business Culture

Creating a dynamic and innovative work environment is essential to AFA Designs business model. We truly believe our most valuable commodity is our employees and we are devoted to sharing our prosperity with them. AFA Designs is committed to building a family oriented corporate culture of creativity, passion, organization and dedication to customer service. Every voice is valued, with open lines of communication between staff, clients and management.

ROI Focused

AFA Designs is singularly focused on producing measurable results for our clients in the form of profits. We pride ourselves on providing elite service with the most reasonable price structure in the industry.


We are results driven. Meaning we are going to provide all the necessary expertize for a successful realization of a campaign or project. We are keenly aware that the terms of our agreements need to be flexible in order to stay one step ahead of the constantly evolving nature of our industry. At AFA Designs you will never have to concern yourself with a dead period at the end of your contract. Our packages are designed to be intensive from start to finish and are flexible enough to do so.


We like to be professional is all aspect of our operation, delivering beyond customers’ expectations. AFA Designs stands firm on the point that customers deserve the best and deserve to experience the future now. We therefore ensure highly level of customer experience, contributing vitally and meeting up with client set objectives.

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