Mobile Application Development

Relying on the mobile development experience, Afadesigns brings any of these strategies to life and helps enterprises go mobile and become more operationally responsive. We are committed to taking your business to the next level with our expertise in mobile app development.


Afadesigns designs and builds custom enterprise mobile applications from the ground up implementing enterprise requirements and unique company-related functionality. We offer enterprise mobile app development across devices and platforms, with secure application integration with any type of corporate systems.


We extend the reach of the existing corporate products, transforming web and desktop enterprise solutions to fit mobility requirements while keeping required functionality. Afadesigns’ team doesn’t simply port existing applications to mobile, we adopt the functionality and UX to create a well-thought-out enterprise mobile app.


Afadesign helps upgrade and optimize legacy enterprise mobile applications, solve application performance and usability issues, ensure smooth operation, migrate to new platforms, implement up-to-date functionality, and create greater user experience to keep up with the developing technology environment


By offering enterprise mobile application development, Afadesigns equips employees, partners, and customers with convenient tools to collaborate and connect whenever they need, access and manage corporate data and operations anytime and anywhere on the mobile device of their choice.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

We offer mobile application development services which are tailored towards increasing your connectivity with existing and prospect clients using our years of expertise in the field

Employee Productivity

We create mobile productivity and project management applications for employees to fulfill their tasks and securely access digital work environment from anywhere, at any time, on any mobile device.

mobile application development

Android App Development

We’re experts at creating apps for the most prolific mobile operating system in the world: Android. Our natively written Android apps can leverage Google’s extensive suite of services and run on a wide variety of devices. Our experience working with Google’s open-source OS means our clients can put the platform to work for them.